The Christian Drama Resource Centre lends costumes, props & scripts to churches, schools and community groups. We are a registered charity, 1061265. 

Our charitable aims are to enhance religion, enhance education and support arts in the community.           

Mission Statement

The Christian Drama Resource Centre takes seriously Jesus’ command to be salt and light in the world. We try to do this by offering our theatrical and dramatic resources for use in outreach and service by others in the community. We also, by going into the community with our own Christian Storytelling Team, witness to the truth of God’s love for us all.

We wish to lend to people who would not otherwise be able to afford to hire these resources to enable them to express creatively God’s love in worship.

We are ecumenical and also work with other faiths to the greater glory of God and the enhancement of the human spirit.

We wish to promote the Dramatic Arts and use our resources in the wider community.
Our Storytelling Team can provide school assemblies with dramatic interpretations of biblical or moral truths.

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